Your Business is


UNHEALTHY     🟥 0-33    🟧 34-66    🟩 67-100     HEALTHY

Currently, your business does not meet the criteria to join Sukses Corp.

Sukses Corp International

Currently, your business does not meet the criteria to join Sukses Corp.

" Your self-assessment and score indicates your business has some solid elements contributing to earnings performance, although it is also likely experiencing some aches and pains, with certain areas requiring significant improvement to ensure a more sustainable earnings outlook. "

Business improvement aspects to consider based
on your health check results:


Inconsistency in business systems and processes are likely to be leading to re-work, market complaints and an increased cost of doing business.

Constrained cash flow for extended periods will be frustrating your business’s ability to deliver its plans and reach its full potential.

Poor risk management practices can have major negative consequences in terms of the return you achieve on your investment in the business.

Not having a sound business plan and direction in place, that is agreed and actively supported by your senior team, leads to variable accountability and unsustainable earnings.

We genuinely consider a greater focus on these aspects and others have the potential to significantly improve your business. Consider seeking assistance from a Sukses Corp advisor to explore and prioritise these business improvement opportunities, potential remedies and recommendations.